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Our Team


Our Team

We are a community focussed organisation, and we are incredibly fortunate to have a dedicated and talented Tōku Ara team. Most of the team reside in the Whangamatā community, and hold relevant qualifications or certifications for their roles. They are dedicated to the Tōku Ara kaupapa and want nothing more than to see rangatahi in our community thriving.


Our Team: 


Gina Kennings - General Manager of WAET and Director Tōku Ara
Mike Cooney - Operational Director Tōku Ara

Poutama Mentors

Errol Gilbert
Juliana Watts
Hayley Leach 

Connor McLeay

Outdoor Pursuits

Rob Wynn
Jamie Barrance
Shelley Johnston



Sue Jameson - Connection Learning teacher
Caryl Cullen - Account
s Administration



Morven Guest Gilbert- Cook

Staff letter to students

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